Rescue Diver

Challenge yourself!

For those who want something more from recreational diving and wish to learn the skills of a Rescue Driver.

It is the course that gives confidence and self-assurance to every diver and is essential for any further training in our diving career.

It includes action and motion, and calls for wit, mental and physical agility.

The third and last diploma in recreational diving is Rescue Diver.

Knowledge of First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a necessary requirement for this diploma. A First Aid or CRP course can be taken at our school, following a schedule matching your personal preferences and available hours. For more information, take a look at First Aid Courses. If you have already taken this course at another school, you can continue with Rescue Driver.

The Rescue Driver course provides much theoretical background, giving the diver the necessary knowledge for every possible case of rescue. During these lessons the diver will learn to identify possible dangers, prevent accidents and undertake different kinds of rescue on dry land, at sea and underwater.

Theory lessons comprise of a number of activities in safe waters, followed by practice training in the form of seminars in the open sea.


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