We have one of the most complete and modern gas filling stations.

Through a central control panel and the use of 2 air compressors, we can fill either our air banks (big air storage tanks) or up to 10 scuba tanks simultaneously.

Moreover, by using only the air banks, we can directly fill the scuba tanks, or alternatively, create Nitrox Mixtures, by combining the air banks with the compressor. In addition, with the use of a booster, the creation of mixtures up to 100% Oxygen, and TriMix mixtures can be achieved.

The filling station contains a powerful filtration system, oil separator, and ventilation system that refreshed the air around the compressor’ s inlet, and reduces the temperature, to ensure a high quality of the produced gases.

The quality of the produced gases, with which we fill our tanks, are even cleaner than the ambient air! We can say this with certainty, as our filling station has been approved and certified as Safe Air by ANDI, which holds the highest and most demanding standards in the world.