Complete Safe Air Diver

The Complete Safe Air User (CSU) Course is a Level 2 course that extends the divers understanding of the use of Safe Air – Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN) beyond the entry level user. The course includes both theory and practical sessions. The theory will extend your understanding of Safe Air – Nitrox use. As part of the course you will learn how to apply key mathematical formulas for using EAN up to 50% O2 in diving and you will see the use of different gas mixture applications in dive planning.

On the practical sessions of the course you will make two dives using Safe Air – Nitrox. The dives will be to a maximum depth of 40 meters dependent upon the divers level of certification. As part of the CSU course you will also learn rules for the use of Safe Air including gas labeling and gas analysis.

Prerequisites: Advanced Open Water and 16 years of age.


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