Technical TriMix Diver

The Tri-Mix Technical Diver Level 3 TTM course is the entry-level course for tri-mix divers. It is essential for those divers who wish to become a technical and would like to extend their diving into the explorer range.

The TTM course includes both theory and open water sessions. Within the theory section of the course you will learn some fundamental aspects of tri-mix diving including decompression theory, equipment configurations, gas switching and the use of inert gases other than nitrogen in dive planning.

Within the four open water sessions of this course you will dive using different equipment configurations and gas mixtures. Dives will dive using single tank or twin set and stage tanks with a maximum of three cylinders and two different gas mixtures in addition to the bottom mix.

The maximum depth of dives within the TTM course is 50m with a maximum decompression run time of 45 minutes


The minimum O2 content in the bottom mix is not to be less than 21% (Normoxic)

In order to participate in this course you must be a TSD qualified diver. (Although the course can be made with a single tank we have realize that technical diving cannot be as safe as with the twin set, so Aqua Team recommends that all technical diving to be made with the twin set)


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